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August 20, 2013

Why NYC Skee?

Picture this: Beer in one hand, ball in the other. Your team is down by 80 points with one ball left to shoot.

You know you have to “go for the hundo”, which is skeeball speak for “aim for the tiny circle in the top right corner”. It’s worth 100 points, and it’s your only hope to win.

Take a swig of your Miller Light, a deep breath, aim and release the ball.

It barrels down the alley, pops up into the cage, and swooshes through the hole with sweet precision.

Adrenaline shoots through your veins.

Your teammates roar with alcohol-infused cheers.

Hey, champ! You were born with zero athletic genes in your body, and now you’re praised as the MVP of the season. 

So what if you don’t make it in the “hundo”? As a member of NYC Skee, you still get to:

-play like a kid again

-hang out with your friends

-make a bunch of new friends

-drink beer, fishbowls, shots- whatever you like to drink

-rule the flip cup table

-take a mid-week break and forget about work for a night

-wear a t-shirt that you actually like

-win some kickass prizes

-meet your future ex girlfriend/boyfriend (it could happen)