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Virtuo Jukebox

McGee Amusements is proud to offer installation of the Virtuo Jukebox for NY and NJ area customers from TouchTunes. The Virtuo represents the pinnacle in jukebox technology, delivered in a sleek, space conscious format that is a perfect fit for almost any type of establishment.

Why Choose the Virtuo Jukebox?

The Virtuo Jukebox is designed with your customers in mind. Integrating social sharing functions, smart search technology, a viewable queue to see what will play soon, and curated music collections, it is the perfect way to increase engagement and offer a sleek new option to your customers.

The Virtuo Jukebox features a 26” screen, is small enough to be wall mounted and save space in your establishment, and features a number of add-on services including Karaoke and Photo Booth. It is also possible to integrate the Virtuo Jukebox with the myTouchTunes mobile app for Android and iOS.

Combined with world class sound amplification, extensive storage to hold thousands of songs locally, and an Internet connection to enable it to access and deliver more songs, the Virtuo Jukebox is a perfect fit for any NJ or NY location.

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