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Skee Ball Classic


When it comes to games that fit perfectly in a bar environment, Skee Ball is at the top of the list. This classic alley game combines nostalgia with drinking-game ready mechanics to keep your patrons entertained for hours. It’s a true classic of the gaming industry and a perfect fit for anyone looking to draw more people. McGee Amusements can install it for you.

Skeeball in NY and NJ from McGee

McGee Amusements carries the top of the line 10 foot Skee Ball alley, a perfect fit for any bar or tavern with space for another game. With new leagues popping up every day in places like New York City, it is a popular option with a number of different demographics and goes perfectly with your digital jukebox and other gaming machines.

A standard Skee Ball table is 10 feet long, 30” wide and 80” high, and weighs 400 pounds. We offer shipping and installation services for venues in NYC and the surrounding NY and NJ areas.

If you are interested in learning more about how Skee Ball can increase revenue in your venue and become a huge hit with your regulars, contact McGee Amusements today.