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Angelina Jukebox

The Angelina brings a sleek and modern look to venue music players. It demonstrates how far jukebox technology has come from the retro machines that can be found in places such as 1960’s themed diners. We carry and install The Angelina for your music needs.

Why Choose The Angelina?

Modern technology has reduced the tangled wire problems of the past. The Angelina has modular components, reducing the number of connecting wires. With fewer wires, the likelihood of disruption to the music is reduced. The modular components are easy to replace in an efficient manner, snapping in and out of the jukebox with no hassle, limiting the time spent without music in your establishment.

The low maintenance nature of this jukebox contributes to its status as a long-lasting and reliable product. With fewer needs, The Angelina has higher performance capabilities than other jukebox models. Any maintenance services can be done quickly and efficiently, without any (wire) tangle.

Capture the attention of your patrons with the sleek design of the jukebox and keep their interest by providing the people with a show. The Angelina uses lighting effects to enhance the musical experience. Although the jukebox itself takes up little physical space within the room, it has a big presence.