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Skeeball Leagues in NYC

Skee Ball is a classic game with fans around the globe, so if you want to attract an active group of young Skeeball players with an organized league and you are in New York City, contact McGee Amusements as part of Club Lucky. Offering league play in multiple locations throughout Manhattan, the New York City Skeeball League is growing rapidly and offering a fantastic place for men and women to come together and have fun over drinks.

What is a Skeeball League?

Skee Ball leagues in NY are organized weekly competitions between teams of Skee Ball players at one of many Midtown and Alphabet City bars in Manhattan. With multi-week schedules, tournaments, playoffs, and leagues with as many as 100 or more players the New York City Skeeball League is rapidly growing in popularity.

There are leagues available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with new ones opening up all the time. Visit NYCSkee.com to learn more about all of these leagues. Not only can a Skeeball league event bring lots of revenue into your establishment – it can become a seed event for other social gatherings and group events in your bar or tavern.

Contact McGee Amusements today to learn more about how to become part of New York City Skeeball League, as a member or host venue.