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Pro Nba


Ball toss arcade games provide a fun way to hang out with those you care about. A college hoops version of this classic game creates a whole new experience! Our specialists take care of the installation process for you and set your venue up with a low maintenance form of entertainment for everybody to enjoy.

Create your own “March Madness” that can be played all year.

You can customize the look of this interactive arcade game to represent your favorite teams! Have college licensed graphics printed on the backboard and side panels of every unit. Link games that represent rival teams to add to the competitive experience! It can turn one-on-one arcade gameplay into a spectator sport.

Players can find an energetic focus with this mini college ball game due to its game-time features. Slam dunk sound effects and the added challenge of a moving hoop make this ball toss game exciting. Those involved in playing arcade college ball will have their hearts racing as the time ticks down in bold LED lettering.

This college ball toss game is designed to fit in your arcade setting.

Game specs include:

  • Dimensions: 99” x 39” x 105”
  • Weight: 474 lbs
  • Power Requirements: 110v @ 4AMPS or 220v @ 2AMPS
  • Removable top cage

McGee Amusements is happy to customize your order to your specifications.