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Be part of the game that you know and love. Pro NBA shrinks the basketball court so that it fits in an arcade setting. It is an interactive form of entertainment that is designed to be low maintenance recreation. We offer installation services for your convenience.

It is a basketball game that can be enjoyed by a variety of people.

Pro NBA is designed for friend and family fun. It can be customized to fit the needs of the space. With NBA licensed graphics, you can show support for any of 32 teams! Have the backboard and side panels decorated accordingly.

Create a more interactive experience by linking game units. This allows players to compete with one another. The time clock ticking down in bold LED lettering and the sound effects for slam dunks adds another level of competition to the experience.

Game Specs

Pro NBA is designed to fit in entertainment centers such as arcades or pool halls. It:

  • is 99” x 39” x 105”
  • requires 110v @ 4 AMPS or 220v @ 2AMPS
  • weighs 474 lbs
  • has a removable top cage

More customizable features include:

  • a moving target (for an extra challenge)
  • the ability to set game time and bonuses
  • a ticket dispenser
  • a dollar bill validator