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Hoop Fever

Hoop Fever

The basketball ball toss arcade game is classic fun for people of all ages. Hoop Fever is a low maintenance and durable version of this standard game that will provide years of entertainment. We provide installation services for each customized order.

Link units for some healthy competition!

Friends and families can play together, creating a more interactive experience for the players. There is a stationary basket to shoot at as well as an electronic scoring system that can be seen overhead on an LED display. Players can easily see how others are doing and bring their own competitive edge to the game. Add on bonus features such as tickets and extra game time for another level of entertainment! You can set linked games so that the winner earns more tickets.

Hoop Fever is defined by its classic steel and wood construction.

The long-lasting arcade game has:

  • Dimensions: 104” x 30” x 120”
  • Weight: 645 lbs
  • Power Requirements: 110v
  • No moving parts

You can also add custom artwork to create a unique game. Speak to a specialist about your design vision and we will help make this dream a reality. Hoop Fever can have graphics printed on both the backboard and the side paneling.

Contact us to find out how specialists at McGee Amusements will take care of installation for your convenience.