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Bubble Hockey

Bubble Hockey

New innovations have made bubble hockey into a more interactive experience. Play like the pros by immersing yourself in the sport with this technologically advanced game. We provide installation services within New York and New Jersey for your convenience.

Why Choose Bubble Hockey?

We track technological shifts within the realm of arcade games in order to provide for changing trends. The “next-gen” version of bubble hockey has a 5” LCD Jumbotron, animated videos, live-action game calls, and LED lighting. It uses the best technology it can offer to bring the hockey game to life for the bubble hockey players.

Bubble hockey is durable for long-lasting fun. The bubble hockey playing cage is made of fiberglass and the game has a polyethylene base. Customize your product for the full hockey experience!

Showing your support for your favorite team is easy. Bubble hockey provides the option to create silk-screened graphics for the side panels and center ice logo. There are 36 hand-painted team options to choose from and when you start the game, the U.S. and Canadian national anthems will play. For a fully integrated experience, there are animated replays and live game announcements. With an active imagination, this interactive bubble hockey experience will transport the players to the hockey rink of their favorite teams.