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Mega Touch

Megatouch Aurora

The Megatouch Aurora system is the ultimate interactive video entertainment experience – a perfect fit for bars, taverns, pubs, and any other active establishment with limited space. The 19” LCD screen displays up to 150 different games for your patrons and with a joystick and button layout, it is a blast to engage in competitive challenges, either remotely or with friends. McGee Amusements carries the newest model of the Megatouch Aurora and can install one in NYC or any of the surrounding NY or NJ area.

Features of the New Megatouch Aurora

The Megatouch Aurora video gaming system is LAN and WiFi enabled to pull new content from the Internet and upload high scores. It is 700 bill stackable and has a 640 coin box capacity, which can be updated to 1,280 capacity if the bill box is removed. With quick access for cash removal and operator controls for screen savers, light shows, and game selection, it is a perfect fit for any small venue with active patrons.

Easy to operate, small enough to fit nearly anywhere, and filled with enough games to keep anyone engaged, the MegaTouch Aurora system is ideal for bars and taverns in NY and NJ. Contact McGee Amusements today and ask to learn more about how to have one of these systems installed in your venue.