McGee Karaoke NJ & NY


Karaoke is more popular than ever before, and with the TouchTunes Karaoke system you can offer your customers the best technology in the industry. McGee Amusements is proud to carry TouchTunes Karaoke systems and upgrades for your existing TouchTunes systems to take karaoke night to the next level.

Why TouchTunes Karaoke?

The TouchTunes Karaoke system is a fully licensed music catalog that offers a mix of both current hits and classic sing-alongs that bar patrons will love. You can use your existing Virtuo jukebox, Internet connection, and audio/video system with TouchTunes Karaoke as well, minimizing the number of upgrades and the amount of new equipment needed.

The TouchTunes system is also very easy to manage, and with the Karaoke Event Manager website, you can quickly and easily schedule events, review tips for use of the system, or tap into more powerful promotional tools and resources. Because TouchTunes Karaoke uses a universal remote, you can maintain a balanced rotation, start and stop karaoke with the flick of a switch, and ensure levels and volume remain consistent for all performers.

Connect and Grow Your Patronage with Karaoke

TouchTunes Karaoke is the best of both worlds – advanced technology that integrates with mobile devices and your existing sound systems, and an engaging entertainment offering for your customers. Contact McGee Amusements today to learn more about TouchTunes Karaoke and the benefits of having it installed for your establishment.