Beer Ball in NJ and NY


A new bar gaming craze is sweeping the nation, and its name is Beer Ball. Taking the classic formula of Skee Ball that your patrons know and love and integrating a unique twist that rewards players with coupons, automates tournaments and attracts more players than ever before, Beer Ball is a bar-owner’s dream. And McGee Amusements installs them throughout the NY and NJ area.

What Is Beer Ball?

Beer Ball is more than just another game – it is an experience that NY and NJ bar patrons are starting to flock to. Designed with bar leagues in mind, Beer Ball taps into the inherent nostalgia of the game but with a new social twist. Using a customizable printer, you can hand out free rewards based on the scores that players rack up.

Beer Ball is also perfect for running tournaments in your establishment. Setup a bracket once a month and give away a bar tab to the winner – that’s a sure way to drive foot traffic on those slow nights. Not only are venues seeing a surge of interest with Beer Ball in place, but players are searching for new places to show off their skills.

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