McGee Amusement Venue Games

Big Buck Hunter HD in NJ and NY

One of the most popular venue games are arcade games in recent years has been Big Buck Hunter. Interactive, loaded with engagement-driving features and immediately recognizable by patrons. read more

Pool Tables

McGee Amusements can help you choose a pool table that is a perfect fit for your venue. We offer a number of options, including different sizes to fit your venue, felt colors, and feature sets in the ZD-X. Find out why pool tables are one of the top venue games, read more

Boxing Machine

McGee Amusement carries only the newest model of Power Strike boxing machine, perfect for any bar, tavern or restaurant with a steady interest in gaming machines. Using the newest technologies in the industry to provide a reliable, enjoyable experience, this boxer machine will be a huge hit with your patrons. read more

Skee Ball

When it comes to games that fit perfectly in a bar environment, Skee Ball is at the top of the list. This classic alley game combines nostalgia with drinking-game ready mechanics to keep your patrons entertained for hours. It’s a true classic of the gaming industry and a perfect fit for anyone looking to draw more people. McGee Amusements can install it for you. read more

Hoop Fever Basketball Game

When it comes to coin operated basketball games, you want something that is as low maintenance as possible and easy to fit within the space available in your venue. That’s why McGee Amusements carries and installs Hoop Fever, perfect for classic street locations and indoor venues alike. read more

Golden Tee Golf Machine

Golden Tee golf is one of the most successful video machines in bars, taverns and pubs around the globe with more than 100,000 machines installed. McGee Amusements carries and installs the newest, HD version of Golden Tee golf for venues throughout NY and NJ, so contact us today to learn more about what it can do for your bottom line. read more

Keymaster Machine  NY

Combining the viral playability of a prize vending machine with the skill and mastery of an arcade game, Keymaster is a veritable revenue generating juggernaut for bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, and anywhere else with a steady flow of foot traffic. McGee Amusements carries the newest edition of Keymaster, complete with numerous prize bundle options. read more

Super Shuffle

Combining the classic gameplay of shuffle boards – long a barroom favorite – with cutting edge technology, Super Shuffle offers a number of options that will drive players to your venue and keep them entertained for hours. McGee Amusements is proud to carry the newest version of Arachnid Super Shuffle for any establishment in NY or NJ interested in jumpstarting their bar league action. read more


Stacker is one of those simple, immediately intuitive games that can drive serious revenue because of the quick play, tantalizing reward tiers, and multiple payment methods it allows. It’s compact and upright, and a perfect fit for nearly any type of venue, from restaurants to bowling alleys. read more

Mega Touch

The Mega Touch Aurora system is the ultimate interactive video entertainment experience – a perfect fit for bars, taverns, pubs, and any other active establishment with limited space. The 19” LCD screen displays up to 150 different games for your patrons and with a joystick and button layout, it is a blast to engage in competitive challenges, either remotely or with friends. McGee Amusements carries the newest model of the Mega Touch Aurora and can install one in NYC or any of the surrounding NY or NJ area. read more