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Barrel Juke

Barrel Jukebox

We have a new jukebox for venues that are aiming for a more upscale look. The TouchTunes Barrel Jukebox has all of the capabilities that you already know and love plus this style upgrade. Its wooden facade provides a clean and cool decorative touch to the atmosphere of your venue. Get your jukebox up and running quickly with our installation services.

Why choose a TouchTunes Barrel Jukebox?

Like the Angelina, the Barrel Jukebox has a clean look, both on the surface and on the inside. Due to its system of modular components, there are fewer connecting wires to get tangled. It is easier to replace these modular components than it is to untangle wires, and pieces can be snapped into place quickly. Quicker fixes to the jukebox means more time can be spent listening to music.

The Barrel Jukebox has the performance capabilities as well as the same low maintenance nature as the Angelina. Maintenance can be accomplished with little hassle and with minimal disruption to the music within the venue.

Let the jukebox captivate your clients. At 26”F x 28”B x 12”D, the Barrel Jukebox is designed to attract attention without being the largest piece in the room. Its capabilities help it light up the space and provide your venue with a certain vibe.

Our specialists are happy to be your jukebox heroes. Call us today for more information on the new and improved jukebox model.