TouchTunes jukeboxes in NY and NJ


As a proud vendor of TouchTunes jukeboxes in NY and NJ, McGee Amusements carries the Ovation II system, which can allow you to offer hundreds of thousands of songs to your patrons on a daily basis. If you are interested in learning more about our digital TouchTunes jukebox offerings in NY, contact us today and ask about the Ovation II.

Why Choose the Ovation II Touchtunes Jukebox?

The Ovation II is an industry standard, providing a number of exceptional features for your establishment. Easy to use, responsive, and featuring a huge catalog of licensed songs to choose from, the Ovation II is a perfect fit for almost any space.

Other features include curated music playlists, exclusive promotions with top new artists, sweepstakes and contests for patrons in your venue, and interactive advertising. Performance is exceptional with the Ovation II. You can chain up to 10 PerforMax Quad Sound Systems to make a single jukebox a perfect fit for even very large establishments.

With both Touchtunes 24/7 service and the personal guarantee of McGee Amusements to ensure your system continues working perfectly, the Touchtunes Ovation II jukebox is a perfect fit for your NY bar, restaurant or tavern – contact us to learn more about how to choose one today.